Friday, June 01, 2012

All Some Wonder

All some wonder ... that's what it said ... I swear.

(You have to know your hymns to appreciate this post ... I'm just saying.)

So here's what happened.  I'm going to preside over a Memorial Service for the very first time on Monday.  It won't actually be at the church, but at the nearby homeless shelter.

And since it's at the homeless shelter, I have to come up with my own music.  Ah ... no problem.  I have an ipod and one of those really cool ipod stereos.

Of course, I have to print up a lyrics sheet too.  And that's when the Twilight Zone hit.

How Great Thou Art ... that was the hymn I needed lyrics for.  I had downloaded Loretta Lynn's version of it from itunes, so of course I googled "loretta lynn how great thou art lyrics."  Afterall, I wanted to get her version.

A myriad of sites popped up.

I clicked on the first one, blocked out the lyrics, and pasted them into the Word document I had prepared.  I read the lyrics and hummed to myself as I formatted the page.

Oh Lord my God ... When I in all some wonder ...

WHOA, wait a minute.  All some wonder?  That's not right, is it?

I googled the lyrics again.  This time, I went to a different site.  And there it was ... I'll be darned.  "When I am all some wonder."

Dear God, you can't tell me I've been singing the wrong words all of these years!

I panicked.  Then I looked at the words again.  What the heck is the theology behind God's all some wonder?

Is it like, "You know, we all need us some wonder ... all some wonder"

Or maybe, "all ... some ... whatever ... regardless of the number ... it's wonder!"

Since I couldn't make the theological connection, I reasoned that those words couldn't be right.

So I googled again.  This time I left the "Loretta Lynn" part off.  And then I thought, wait a minute, duh, I have a hymnal right here!  I flipped to the back, found "How Great Thou Art," flipped forward again ... and ... and ...


You know that feeling of "everything is right with the world?"  Yeah, that's how it felt.

All some wonder ... it's an interesting concept, but nowhere near as profound as Awesome Wonder.

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