Tuesday, August 10, 2010

God Squad

When we were in college, my husband’s brother was talking about the fraternity he had pledged. Apparently, things weren’t working on; he wasn’t feeling comfortable with the lot of them, whom he mischievously referred to as the God Squad.

That label made me chuckle and I confess, it’s one I use myself from time to time, to playfully describe people who are taking their faith just a tad bit too seriously.

Today I’m wondering if those around me think I’m a member of the God squad. I have several books with me on an airplane bound for Chicago. I have them all packed into a brief case along with my laptop. Several times during the flight, I have opened the brief case either to take out a book or my laptop.

Seriously, what must the people to the right and left of me think? Here’s a sampling of book titles that greet them, should they happen to glance my way in the midst of my packing and unpacking: Celebration of Discipline, What God Wants For Your Life, How God Changes Your Brain, How to Think Theologically.

These are all books that I either need for a class I am teaching or for a class I am taking. I don’t mean to give the impression of carrying with me the personal library of the God squad … it just turns out that way. Of course, the 5th book I have in my brief case, which I swear is also theological in nature, is called Naked Now. Hmmm … that would give an different impression entirely, huh?

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