Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's so easy

Sometimes it's so easy to make people happy.

Two weeks ago, one of the rehab ladies handed me an index card with a few random lyrics written on it and several guesses on who the artist might be. "I heard this song and it reminded me of my Mom. She died and I didn't get to go to her funeral because of my addiction. Can you find the song for me?"

Can I find the song? Do one-legged ducks swim in circles? I am Super Tammy, of course I can.

After several searches on itunes and google, I came up with a song by Alan Jackson called Sissy's Song. It's about a loved one who has died and gone to heaven and says to those left behind, "Don't worry about me." Yeah, that's definitely it.

Today, when I walked into the room for spirituality, this woman asked me, "Ms Tammy, did you make a new CD for April?"


"Does it have that song on it?"



Of course.

Then I played it for her. She smiled so deeply it warmed up the entire room. As she listened, I got ready to teach the class and wrote things on the board. I told her, it makes me happy to make you happy.

And I meant it.

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