Friday, April 30, 2010

God and Science

My husband and I attended a lecture at the Houston Museum of Natural Science the other night sponsored by the University of St. Thomas. It was entitled, God and Science. Here are some "highlights" of the discussion:

* It is futile to ask whether it is possible to "believe" in God and science. You don't believe in science, you understand it. You believe in God.

* Science that pretends to deny or prove God, belittles God.

* Science as science, tells us about the universe, not about God.

* IF I believe in God, then the universe as the way science sees it also tells me about God.

* God is not an engineer who designed the universe; God, as the universe reveals, is a loving parent.

* To better conceptualize the 13.7 billion years of earth's history, think of it as one calendar year. That means the Big Bang happened in January. On Dec. 25, dinosaurs came into existence, but then they became extinct on Dec. 30. On Dec. 31, hominids came into existence around 7 p.m. and humans at 9 p.m. At 11:58 p.m., Jesus Christ was born. At 11:59 p.m., Galileo. And at Midnight, it's today. I don't know what that means, but it helped me "grasp" it better.

* People ask, is God omniscient? Well ... can God know what can't be known? Same thing for being omnipresent ... can God be somewhere that doesn't exist?

* Scientists love to talk about how other planets show "evidence" of conditions favorable for life to exist. The problem is, we don't know how we got from "favorable conditions" to "life." (Reminds me of a joke ... God and a scientist go toe to toe to prove who is more powerful. Each is to create their own human being out of dirt. Scientist says, "On your mark, get set..." God interrupts, "Wait just a minute ... get your own dirt!")

* Faith has to do more with the evolution of our brains, but religion is more about culture.

I was sharing these ideas with a friend and she added, "People get so worked up about body vs. soul. Well, we don't' 'have' a soul. We are a soul. We have a body."

That's all I can remember ... I've slept two nights since the lecture.

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