Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I smiled an evil grin at Dorothy, one of the residents of a homeless shelter where I eat on Wednesdays.

She had just told me "not to waste my time" talking to her roommate, who, in her words, hated everyone and was a pagan.

"Do you mean pagan as in atheist or pagan as in somebody who worships nature and creation?" I asked.

She replied, as in atheist.

I smiled again. "Well that just makes me more determined," I said.

Dorothy tried to convince me her roommate was a hopeless case. Little did she realize she was goading me on, practically baiting me. I was getting ready to leave, but delightful little thoughts danced through my head of attempting to engage this "hopeless pagan" on another day.

When they say, be nice, here comes the "church lady," I laugh.

When one guy inquires, "How's your cult?" I giggle.

When I ask, "How's it going?" and one woman mutters under her breath, "Better if you weren't here," I smile big. "Oh, you'll have to do better than that," I say. "I grew up with 3 big brothers. You'll have to be much meaner!"

I don't even know what hopeless pagan roommate's name is, which is a direct contradiction of our "no name ministry" at the homeless shelter. That's OK ... I'll find out soon enough, and I'll probably get an interesting ear full as well.

I dare her to try to spurn my attentions.

Once the gauntlet has been thrown down, I can be quite determined...

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