Friday, May 29, 2009

Like pulling teeth

I lost my baby teeth later than all of my friends. My poor children inherited this from me. When all of their friends and cousins were toothless and racking in the money from the tooth fairy, they still possessed every tooth in their head. Go figure. Suffice to say, between me and my kids, I've spent a fair amount of time pulling teeth ... especially those that weren't quite ready to come out.

I've been having that idiomatic experience of pulling teeth today. I spend most Friday mornings developing the "guts" of the spirituality class I teach on Mondays and Tuesdays. Some days I hum and sing and it just flows out of me. Other days, like today, I struggle. I push and strain. I use the backspace key on my keyboard a lot. I run off in one direction, then say, no, that ain't it kid. I scratch my head. I pray. I try to let go and let it come forth.


I have three solid ideas I want to convey. But finding a way to express and explain them ... has been extremely difficult for some reason today.

It's been like pulling teeth. And I'm well versed in what that's like. Ugh!

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TJ said...

The more important thing is having your permanent teeth at 80, not 8.