Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting in line

Day 6, no power. Today’s lesson is on standing in line – not for ice, or gas or food. No, I’m standing in line at the Laundromat. Apparently, there is Laundromat etiquette that I am unaware of. You have to que up near the machines you want. And apparently you have to sit and gnash your teeth while the lady in front of you sorts her laundry while she fills up the six machines she is laying claim to. Lucky for me, a gentleman on the next row over feels sorry for me, Laundromat novice that I am, and motions me over when one of his machines is available. Then it’s bing, bing, bing, three more machines open up. I’m home free.

Here’s how “take care of yourself” mentality sets in at the Laundromat. As I’m loading my machines, I’m thinking, “HAH! Woman sorting your laundry, I will get to the dryers before you! I win!”

This is what we are reduced to (or at least what I am reduced to).

A woman and her daughter that I used to carpool with walk in. Like me, she is also a novice. I explain to her that all the machines are occupied. “But if you give me your number, when my loads are finished, I will call you and you can have my machines.” She thinks this is a lovely arrangement. She says she and her daughter are going to go grab a cup of coffee. Interestingly enough, between sentences in which she is speculating how long it will be before we have power, she says repeatedly that they are going for coffee, but doesn’t offer to bring me back a cup of joe. OK, whatever.

There are two little boys here who are underfoot of their mother and grandmother. They are begging for quarters to play old video games, rolling their hotwheels in the puddles on the floor and occasionally pausing near me to see the funny lady typing on her computer in the Laundromat. No, there is no wi-fi here, but I found a Starbucks yesterday that had it, so that will be my next camping destination. It will only cost me $10 or so in coffee.

I continue to believe that God is supplying my needs each and every day. I am learning what it means to only worry about today. With a day’s worth of ice, what else can you do? I just pray that I will not succumb to the more baser, survival instincts that have my mind screaming, “Mine, mine, me, me, back off!” I pray we will all continue to not only be civilized, but kind and gracious to one another – even while in line at the Laundromat.

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