Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anthropology lesson

We are currently vacationing in Boston. Today I learned a new expression -- Wicked Pissah.

There are a gazillion t-shirt vendors all over downtown proper, where we trekked for about six hours today. Several vendors had a shirt that said, "Wicked Pissah."

Say what?

Another shirt said, "Pahking the cahr is wicked hahd" (Parking the car is wicked hard.)

OK, so wicked means ... Very? Extremely? Substantially?

But what about this "pissah" business?

Finally, I asked the vendor that I bought a shirt from, "Can I ask you something?" Sure, hon, what? "What does 'wicked pissah' mean?" Oh it's a good thing, hon. Like you might point to someone's sunglasses and say, "Those are some wicked pissah sunglasses you got there, hon."

I really loved this particular shirt and wanted to buy it, but reasoned that if I wore it in Boston, I'd look like the world's biggest tourist and if I wore it back in Houston, everyone would think I was being obscene.

So I settled for another, "Peace, Love and Sox," in preparation for the Red Sox game we'll be attending next Tuesday.

But still, that shirt was a wicked pissah!

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