Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Heartache and reconciliation

My housekeeper comes on Wednesdays, so I normally require my four children to clear the floors of their rooms so that the carpet can be vacuumed. However, three of the four are on a church canoe trip this week, requiring me to wade through the rubble myself.

In my 12 year old's room, I came across an envelope that I assumed held her report card. I only demand to see the report card of one of my children, so it isn't unusual for the others to go unnoticed for weeks at a time. I opened the envelope and instead of her report card, I found a note she had written to one of her friends, Sydney.

Sydney is in the pack of girls who, apparently, are no longer speaking to my daughter for some unspecified sin. In her very best 12 year old voice, my daughter had written a note laced in hopes of reconciliation with this once good friend. Apparently, she lost the nerve to give it to her; and it broke my heart.

Yesterday I was at a meeting at church. I was messing with Kathy, another woman at the meeting sitting across from me. Like little children, we were taking turns sticking our tongues out at each other. It was a display of affection; one that would have had no place at the table 6 years ago. Through a host of silly circumstances involving, what else, children, Kathy and I had words on more than one occasion. I believe church staff even got involved on some level, LOL. We grew increasingly cool toward one another, looking the other way even when passing in the hallways. How absolutely childish.

Suffice to say reality hit one day. We sat down and talked and decided it was really dumb to be mad at each other for stuff that had happened so many years ago. And so we reconciled; and I'm glad.

My daughter makes friends very easily. She is always surrounded by a gaggle of girls, until now. It is very strange and difficult to see her going through this period of irreconcilable differences. But I have hope, because I know that we serve a God of reconciliation. I know that his desire is for us to be in fellowship and relationship with him. I know that the unconditional love of God that burns in our hearts is meant to flame out toward others in an equal expression of love.

When the canoe trip is over, perhaps I will gently encourage my daughter to try again with Sydney. She is far too young for such heartache.

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