Wednesday, May 07, 2008

God's beauty in an ugly space

Every week, I have to try to find a parking place at the rehab facility where I teach a Bible study class. When the main parking lot is full, you have to park across the street in a vacant lot. It is covered by asphalt, with gashes and bald spots and missing parking blocks. The fence is all torn up from being struck by vehicles or otherwise broken into. It is nothing but a big and ugly space. Ironically (or perhaps I should say sadly) it is the space the ladies use for outside exercise time. What a depressing dump to sit in! There is no sign of God's creation anywhere ... at least that's what I used to think!

There's a beautiful, small, lush tree that is growing right outside the torn up gate that leads into this lot. That's the discovery I made last week. I don't know how I missed it before. But when I saw it, I said to myself, how like God to put something beautiful in such an ugly space!

It was as if God was sitting on top of that fence, winking at me, "Hi Tammy!" I laughed out loud as I registered it all. There is no space that God cannot fill. There is no place where God cannot be found. He is there, my friends. Look closely. And he is waiting for you to find him; joyfully anticipating your reaction when you do. Surprise! It's me!

God of beauty, God of surprises, God of redemption, I love your ways. I love how you fill the spaces around me. I love knowing that you can redeem all things.

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