Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Little blue girl

Sunday night, I had an eerie dream. It wasn't even a dream ... more like a 10 second flash. I dreamt I was asleep in bed. In my dream, I awoke and saw a little girl standing near my bed. I couldn't make out her features at all, but she was small in stature. There was this blue light coming off of her, which also interferred with me being able to see her clearly. I was very alarmed to see someone standing next to my bed. So alarmed that I woke myself up. I had a physical response to it ... fast breathing, racing heart. But surprisingly, I immediately went back to sleep. But she was gone.

How strange!

Yesterday, I was leaving my church and a young woman approached me in the parking lot. She was a petite little thing, probably about 20. She wondered, could I give her a ride somewhere? She said she had been at a party, had left in the wee hours of the morning because she was "uncomfortable," and had been walking ever since.

She was wearing a short denim skirt, boots, and a jacket. She had an assortment of tattoes, including one on her left hand. She definitely appeared as if she had been walking all night and partying before that. I surmised she has seen the rougher side of life.

I drove her to her apartment, making polite conversation on the way. She told me she had come to the city in order to get away from "a bad situation" somewhere else. She said she hadn't been here in years and was surprised by how much the city had changed. She thanked me and apologized repeatedly for taking me away from my business. I assured her it was no trouble. "You know," I said, "I was reading a book last night that said the best way to share God's love with others is to give them your time." She stared blankly at me in response.

I invited her to church, assuring her it was very casual and she would really like it. "If you get a hankering, come and see us on Sunday, OK?" She thanked me and asked, "What kind of church is it again? Lutheran?" I corrected her: No, Methodist.

As I drove away, I had the strangest feeling that she was my little blue girl. I've never picked anyone up like that before. I don't know what possessed me to do it other than she asked me to. I suppose I was touched by her desperation and tenacity. Still, that sure could have been her standing next to my bed!

I don't know that these two isolated events really mean anything, other than to serve as proof that there are lots of people out there in need of simple human kindness.

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