Friday, April 11, 2008

Heavenly gardens

I went to my nearby nursery that specializes in native plants (one of my favorite haunts) in search of a vine that once grew on a trellis in my back yard. It was growing in my "experimental" flower bed by our pool, so named because I throw an odd assortment of things in it just to see if they'll grow. I thought it was called angel's teardrop, but when I told the nursery worker, she looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese. So I began wandering around in search of it. The flower is very distinct -- it has a beautiful cluster of white, bell-shaped blooms with a profuse splash of red in the middle of each. It's easy to spot.

Winding my way through the grounds, I saw several other flowers that have enjoyed a success in my yard that I decided to buy (chenile, clown faces), plus a another plant promising to attract humming birds that I felt adventurous enough to throw in the cart (aquilegia -- from the collumbine family). Then I saw my treasured vine ... only it wasn't called angel's tear drop. It was called bleeding heart vine (alternate name, Rozilynn). I felt like the jeweler who found the pearl of great price.

I had initially gone to the nursery to feed my soul a little. I love being among God's creation. After leaving there, I stopped by the park to pray, accompanied by a variety of mockingbirds, blue jays and sparrows who were kind enough to share their songs with me. I saw a woman walking her 3 dogs and wandered over to give their heads a good tousle. They were all happy, smiling, slobbery dogs. One even flopped down and rolled about carefree in the grass, as dogs are wont to do. I wondered if the woman would think I was entirely crazy if I dropped to the ground and did the same.

I hope that in the next life, there will be gardens. And dogs. And birds. I can't imagine why there wouldn't be! The book of genesis says God planted a garden for the man and woman. Obviously, it's one of his many talents. Why would God create all these beautiful things and limit their existence to earth? That doesn't make sense. In fact, I want to go on record as saying I would be perfectly content tending God's gardens for the rest of eternity.

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