Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Pastor's Wife...

My Pastor's wife works her fanny off, and I hope everyone appreciates it!

I told my Pastor I was writing this post. I said it in jest, but then I thought, why not?

Counting on my fingers and toes, I come up with six pastors in the 20+ years that my family has been a member at our church. Pastor's wives (PWs) are an interesting breed, and no there is not enough tea in China for me to imagine taking on that job. I'm not putting the PW's I've known in any particular order, but I will tell you that I've seen everything from "ice queen" to "smother mother" to "MIA."

Now I'm not writing this to offend anyone. Right off the top of my head, I can think of at least one PW who reads my blog (she may not anymore, LOL). I'm really writing this to say, "Hey, People, can we give these women a break please?"

When our PW told me the latest errand she would be running today for the church, I remarked, "We got a heck of a 2-for-1 deal when you guys came on board!" And I meant it. I remember when they first arrived back in June, she shared with me the "typical" conversations one has upon arriving at a new church. PWs are usually cornered and forced to answer this question: "What do you DO?" In other words, we expect you to pull your weight honey, so what is your alleged talent, so we know where to pigeon-hole you with the eventual hopes of achieving total melt down and burn out!

My PW's reply to the interrogators was classic: "I take care of the pastor."

How often do we downplay the importance of that job? All the hundreds of people he takes care of, thank goodness someone is watching his back!

Oh, but my PW isn't exactly truthful. She does a WHOLE lot more than her most important task of taking care of the pastor. If I named it all here, you would get dizzy. It makes me dizzy. Suffice to say, the woman is everything a church needs in a PW: passionate, compassionate, hard-working, devout and fun.

Yeah, my pastor's wife works her fanny off. If yours doesn't ... well, I'm so sorry for you and your church! If she does, give her a big side arm hug this Sunday and tell her what a blessing she is.

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