Sunday, March 30, 2008

God has the last word

God had to remind me again today that He is sovereign. And it all had to do with whether 40 women would be permitted to come to church (they were).

I was concerned on Wednesday when I learned that the largest group of women at the rehab facility where I teach Bible study were on lock down. That means they have lost all privileges and can't come to church, among other things. The previous Sunday, 8 women had chosen to reaffirm their faith or be baptized. It was powerful. Since then, 3 other women in the rehab facility had run away. What a reversal! This is no Betty Ford clinic; rather, it is one tiny step above jail. So when one person makes a bad choice, everyone suffers the consequences. Multiply that by 3 and you can imagine the dire straits this one group of ladies found themselves in.

On Friday, I called the facility and left a voice mail with this group's Program Directors, Mr. Isaac. I won't lie, I resorted to begging. Later that evening, I called to get an update. Mr. Isaac was gone, but the people in charge made it quite clear that NO, the ladies in question would not be coming to church.

I was really bummed. But I prayed. I said, "OK, God, you have the last word. Please, Lord, make a way so the ladies can come to church."

This morning, the van drivers were talking amongst themselves about how many trips might be required. I said, "Well, the large group is on lock-down ... or at least I'm assuming they are." At that moment, it occurred to me: where is my faith? I picked up my cell phone and called, just to check. Much to my surprise, I was told that yes, they would be coming to church.

Is it my imagination or did God just move a mountain? Wow! I even told the ladies when they arrived my little story -- reiterating to them to take heart in all situations: God has the last word.

You may not think it's such a big deal, being told you can't go to church. But that's because no one ever tells you that you can't go to church. Little things, big things, in all things, God is sovereign. I'm sorry I had to be reminded, but thankful all the same that God has the last word.

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